We specialize in the recycling of concrete, asphalt, concrete slurry and topsoil strippings.


Girard Resources & Recycling offers service that includes the recycling of multiple materials. We specialize in the recycling of concrete, asphalt, concrete slurry and topsoil strippings. We accept broken concrete and asphalt at all three of our locations, process these materials onsite and resell various products of different size and use. Our Snoqualmie location specializes in the processing and recycling of concrete slurry, produced primarily from road grinding projects and concrete saw cutting. As a whole, our recycling program is focused on keeping all of these materials out of landfills and decreasing the amount of environmental pollution that can occur if they are not disposed of properly.

Recycled Asphalt

Our recycled asphalt has become one of our most popular products, used regularly as top course or base course on roads, driveways and parking lots. We offer multiple recycled asphalt products, from asphalt grindings to crushed and screened products. Recycled asphalt is a great option whether you are starting a new project, filling potholes in an existing driveway or parking lot, or if you are maintaining a current area with fresh product. Recycled asphalt has a high level of compaction and is less dusty than traditional gravel as vehicles drive on it.

Recycled Concrete

Similar to our recycled asphalt products, the various recycled concrete products we offer come in different sizes and fulfill many different needs. We accept broken concrete in all shapes and sizes to be crushed and screened for reuse. Our 1 ¼” Minus Recycled Concrete is often used as a base for new concrete slabs, as our 2” Clear Recycled Concrete is utilized as a compactible fill behind retaining walls, offering ample drainage. Our 2”-4” Recycled Concrete Spalls and 4”-8” Recycled Concrete Spalls are often used as a solid base course for new roads, construction roads or as fill for large projects.